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Earning Money As A Teenager

By on January 24, 2022

A lot of people see earning money in a negative light. That’s because many of us grew up with almost nothing in the way of education about money. We modelled our parents and eventually either continued to copy their behaviour or ended up doing the exact opposite. If you have teens, you have the perfect…

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What To Do With A Financial Windfall

By on January 14, 2022

Most of us aren’t so lucky that we acquire a financial windfall very often. Any unexpected amount of money you get presents a bevy of opportunities. Often, our instinct is to take a piece of that unexpected financial bonus and use it towards an item we’ve been wanting. There’s nothing wrong with feeling that way,…

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How to File Taxes in 2022

By Joe Torraca on January 12, 2022

Learning how to file taxes can seem complex, but it’s not as difficult as you may think. With questions about when taxes are due, how much to pay, or if you need to file taxes, there’s a lot to remember and do. Read on for helpful tips on how to file taxes in 2022. When…

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Person sitting in a wheelchair with his hand on the wheel

Disability Tax Credit

By on January 2, 2022

The disability tax credit (DTC) is a tax credit to help lessen the tax burden of those with a disability and their supporting person. In this article, we’ll look at who is eligible for the DTC and what happens after you send in Form T2201, among other things. What is the disability tax credit? The…

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New Year Finance Tips For 2022

By on December 28, 2021

Money-based resolutions are the third most popular type, yet only 19% of Canadians keep their resolutions for the entire year. Achieving financial success looks different depending on your goals. One person might want to wipe out credit card debt. Another person makes building their savings account their priority. Still, another person might want to build…

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Tackle Holiday Debt Now For A Clean Slate In 2022

By on December 20, 2021

Wracking up holiday debt is easy. We know that. According to a recent survey from savings destination, the average Canadian spent almost $1000 this past holiday season on food, drink, travel and gifts. Another survey by PC Financial finds 77 percent agree the holiday season tends to be more expensive than planned. If you…

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How Can Canadians Save Money During the Holidays?

By on December 9, 2021

Let’s be honest: it’s hard to save money when the holiday season hits. However, we’re swiftly running out of disposable cash. But the pressures of the holidays have you wanting to spend on your friends and family. At the same time, it’s unwise to run up credit cards in this case. Throw in a white…

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Coping With Christmas In Debt

By on December 7, 2021

Having to spend Christmas in debt can be emotionally trying. There are a few occasions in our lives where much of our financial responsibility gets thrown out the window. Babies are probably number one, but weddings, vacations, and Christmas (or Hanukkah) are close behind. December holds the time of year where many replace their penchant to save…

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Are You Eligible for Employment Insurance? 

By on November 22, 2021

Service Canada offers employment insurance benefits to Canadians who lose their working income. This financial relief is available for those Canadians who meet the list of requirements. The following article is up-to-date and goes over the recent Employment Insurance (EI) program reform and what that means for applicants. What Do These Benefits Offer? The Government of…

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Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit – Know Before Applying

By on November 18, 2021

Update: CRSB ended on May 7, 2022 If you are eligible, you can only apply for open CRSB periods, up to 60 days after each period has ended. The last period for the CRSB is period 84 (May 1 to 7, 2022). That will be open for application until July 6, 2022. Canada’s economic recovery is still mid-process….

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