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How to Come Out Ahead on Credit Card Balance Transfers

By on June 9, 2014

Credit card debt is one of the most profitable forms of debt for the big banks, so it should come as no surprise that banks are fighting for your business. If you have a large outstanding balance on your credit card and you’re already up to your ears in debt, a credit card balance transfer…

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Line of Credit: Protecting Yourself from a Financial Emergency

By on May 14, 2014

Most people don’t get into debt on purpose; they get into debt because they run into financial difficulty. While some people are in debt because they aren’t able to get their spending under control, others are in debt because they run into a financial emergency, such as job loss, illness, or an unexpected major expense….

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Is Credit Card Balance Protection Insurance Worth It?

By on April 22, 2014

If you have a credit card, chances are you’ve been offered balance protection insurance. The sales pitch seem appealing – credit card companies say they will be there for you in the event that you run into financial difficulties and are unable to pay your outstanding balance. At first glance balance protection insurance seems like…

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Frugal Living vs. Big Wins

By on January 3, 2014

When you’re struggling with debt, it’s hard to ‘think big’. Pinching pennies becomes a way of life and your next bill is the only thing you’re concentrating on. But maybe this isn’t the best approach. The Immediate Danger In martial arts, some teachers say that in any conflict you should ‘address the immediate danger’. This…

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Don’t Be a Slave to Recurring Expenses

By on December 21, 2013

Pre-authorized payments have made paying your monthly bills easier than ever. No fuss, no muss – your balance owing is automatically debited from your bank account, so you never have to worry about paying your bills late again. Although this is a blessing, it can also be a curse. As companies push their customers to…

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Rethinking Debt

By on November 27, 2013

When it comes to debt, it seems people fall nicely into these two categories. Some people passionately believe that all debt is bad, while others argue that the only way to truly get ahead is by using borrowed money as leverage. At our goal is obviously to help people get out of debt, but…

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Young women holding a blue credit card

Are Credit Card Points Truly “Rewards” or Are They Costing You?

By on November 6, 2013

Many people see credit card points as rewards, but are they really? It could be that they are actually costing you unnecessary money. Points are very popular promotions offered by virtually every single credit card company on the planet, and they usually allow customers to get free stuff. This could come in the form of…

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Make More Money #2 – Have a Second Job You Can Be Proud Of

By on September 25, 2013

In the first Make More Money post we talked about how to get started in freelancing. If you read through that and decided that freelancing isn’t for you, don’t worry. A second job might be the perfect solution. In our second Make More Money article, you’ll learn how to make the most of a second…

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Make More Money #1 – What You Should Know About Freelancing

By on September 13, 2013

Getting out of debt requires a lot of discipline. Frequently the advice you hear is to cut spending, cut expenses, cut your lifestyle. What most people ignore is the possibility of just making more money. Sure you can stop buying cappuccinos and cancel your top-tier cable package, but if you could earn an extra $500,…

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Frugal Dating Without The Embarassment

By on September 9, 2013

Whether you are in a long-term relationship or are just getting started with someone new, dating can unfortunately take a large toll on your wallet. The last thing you want to do is be cheap on a date, but that doesn’t mean you should go further into debt just to impress someone. Finding budget-friendly activities…

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