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Financial Literacy Month 2023

Financial Literacy Month 2023

Every November the Canadian government celebrates Financial Literacy Month!

After noticing a need to increase the financial knowledge base of Canadians, the government started Financial Literacy Month. It’s their way of passing along financial knowledge and supporting Canadians in achieving financial resilience.

This year’s theme is Managing Your Money in a Changing World!

Accordingly, each week a new sub-theme related to how to handle money well in a changing world will take centre stage. These themes are:

  • Get the pulse on your financial health
  • Check up on your debt
  • What to do in a financial emergency
  • Optimize your financial health
  • Protect your financial rights

Following suit, the team at has been hard at work creating lots of material to support this year’s financial literacy efforts. Women have and continue to face unique and challenging financial issues. To that end, this year, we’re building on the Government of Canada’s themes by focusing on how women can use this knowledge to maximize their personal finances.

Mark your calendar to come back each week to learn more!


Week 1 – Get the pulse on your financial health

Generally, greater knowledge leads to healthier finances. Closing the financial equity gap by improving women’s knowledge of finances.

Financial literacy: The to key filling in the pesky wage gap

Week 2 – Check up on your debt

Financial Literacy Month continues. How a woman’s debt differs from a man’s and why it makes managing debt well all that more important.

Financial Literacy: Why managing debt well is harder and more vital for women

Week 3 – What to do in a financial emergency

Financial Literacy Month continues. Why having an emergency fund is a key component of a woman’s finances and overall safety.

Financial Literacy: Emergency fund, key to a woman’s finances and safety

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