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Money Journeys: Mubina Kapasi

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CFA, Financial Journalist and Entrepreneur

Mubina Kapasi is a financial journalist and co-founder of an Indian startup that’s developing a vernacular financial literacy platform. She holds a CA and CFA here in North America, as well as, the equivalent of a CA in her home country of India, Giving her a unique and thorough perspective on the world of finances.

Mubina took her knowledge even further as she studied the Canadian stock markets, mortgage and retail loan markets in detail while living in Toronto. Prior to that, she was an equity and commodity research analyst and a prime-time news anchor with ET NOW, a part of India’s largest media house – The Times Television Network.

Mubina Kapasi

In the second episode of the Money Journeys podcast, Mubina Kapasi (CFA) joins us. Mubina’s money journey took her across the ocean from India to Canada and back. This unique journey led to a deep understanding of both economies. We discuss their differences, learning from missteps, and how the hardest step is the first one.

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