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Money Journeys: Sherry Andrew

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Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada ® and a Certified Professional Financial Coach ™

She supports her clients through virtual one-on-one coaching and workshops. With her support, her clients have been able to become debt free, have more in their savings than ever before, take some amazing vacations, and most importantly, change their relationships and gain confidence with their money.

Sherry Andrew
Money Journeys

Sherry Andrew joins us for this third episode of the Money Journeys podcast. Shery is an Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada and founder of Money Mindset Financial Coaching. Her financial journey had an unexpected take-off when she was let go from her job. Determined to keep her family from going into debt while she got back on her feet, she dove into learning about personal finances and never looked back. We talk about what it means and the importance of developing a personal finance process that works for you. The difference between how those who are neurotypical and those who are neurodiverse approach finances and how your approach to money shapes your life.

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