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Money Journeys: Guirlene Joseph

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Contributed by
Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada (AFCC) and the founder and Executive Director of The Dollar Detectives

Guirlene Joseph is the founder and Executive Director of The Dollar Detectives – a national non-profit organization committed to empowering youth with the financial knowledge, perspective and skills required to walk confidently into adulthood.

Guirlene Joseph
Money Journeys

Our final episode of the Money Journeys podcast features Guirlene Joseph. We learn how Guirlene money journey went from helping her immigrant parents pay bills to being the founder and CEO of The Dollar Detectives. A place for kids to learn essential financial skills through games designed to educate and build confidence. We talk about how Guirlene’s financial journey boosted her self-confidence and made her comfortable asking for help. Two skills she’s relied on throughout her life and in every area of her life. We also dive into letting go of the fear of making mistakes and how to use money as a life advancement tool.

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