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Money Journeys: Christine Urbanowski

Contributed by
Contributed by
Accredited Financial Counsellor (AFCC), owner of Engineered Growth Financial Coaching, and former engineer

I help couples understand each other so that they can work together and create a plan. With this plan they gain clarity and control over their money so they can pay off their debts and reach their goals.

Christine Urbanowski
Money Journeys

This week’s episode of the Money Journeys podcast features Christine Urbanowski. As an Accredited Financial Counsellor of Canada Christine helps couples navigate the complexities of finances. Fitting, because her financial journey really took shape when she was struggling to figure out how to deal with and communicate better about finances with her then husband. She has since used her skills with numbers from her time as an engineer and pivoted to help others on their money journey. We talk about the nuances of how people relate to finances. We offer tips that can mitigate many money arguments. Lastly, we discuss strategies for understanding your and your significant other’s approach to finances.

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