Do you need help paying bills through Coronavirus?

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There’s no shame if you need help paying bills right now. With the coronavirus resulting in layoffs, there’s no surprise so many people need financial assistance. If you are currently having trouble paying your bills due to COVID-19, the Economic Response Plan can help.

Local churches, the Salvation Army, and many other non-profit organizations have set up assistance programs to contribute to the effort. And while these programs help, the government programs put into action are going to help the most.

From medical care to payment plans for families who can’t pay their utility bills, there are many options for Canadians in need. If you need help paying bills, you may be eligible to receive aid. Learn more about some of your options below.

Canada’s Economic Response Plan for COVID-19

Support for those dealing with unemployment

  • The Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) gives up to $2,000 per month for up to four months to those who lost their job because of coronavirus. There are rules pertaining to eligibility and days to apply, so be sure to read up on them first.
  • If you lost your job through no fault of your own, you may qualify for Employment Insurance benefits.

Support for Students and Recent Graduates

  • There is a six-month interest-free moratorium on student loans. Starting March 30th, no interest will accumulate to your student debt for the six-month period.

Support for the Destitute

  • The Canadian government is giving the Reaching Home Initiative $157 million dollars to provide beds and other supplies to help protect the homeless.
  • The Indigenous Community Support Fund is getting $305 million to support the native communities, including Inuit, First Nations, and Metis Nation.

Support for Seniors

  • The required minimum withdrawal from your Registered Retirement Income Funds is decreasing by 25 percent.
  • $9 million are going to support seniors who need services such as grocery and medication delivery and personal outreach.

Do you have Coronavirus?

If so they may waive the requirements for a medical certificate for employment insurance sickness benefits. Apply for the benefits here.

If the coronavirus is affecting your household income and you need help paying bills and keeping up with your credit cards, seek help now. If you have experienced long-term financial difficulty, call now. We may be able to help you with credit counselling, a DMP, or other relief programs.




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