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Looking for Cheap Hobbies And Free Activities?


You know being in debt is incredibly stressful. While you’re doing everything you can to get out, it’s important to stay healthy and active. Adopting a hobby is an excellent way to stay socially active and learn new skills. Even if you’re struggling with debt, there is a cheap hobby out there for everyone.

Feeding your Brain

There are many intellectually stimulating ways to keep you entertained and busy. These activities give you something to do with your free time that you enjoy. They also keep your mind sharp and provide an endless pool of interesting conversations to engage in with friends and family.

Reading and Writing

Cheap hobbies include reading and writing. They can engage you in worlds that can keep you occupied for hours on end. A library card, the internet, book swaps, or a used book store is all you need. Try a completely new topic.

Bored with murder mysteries? Try some science fiction. Try some non-fiction or a biography – you can always stop reading if you hate it.

If reading doesn’t sound interesting and you’re not finding a topic you enjoy, take up writing. Start a blog about your finance journey. Escape from your debt woes into your own short story.

Rewrite history, change the location or time, samurais in space! If you’re musically inclined, write a song or poem about your favourite moment. Children’s songs to help them learn about money might be fun.

Podcasting and Audiobooks

If you’re not big on reading you can always listen. Whether you want to create a podcast yourself or listen to free material. With the amount of content available, there is a never-ending supply of entertainment and educational media.

Thousands of financial podcasts are available, many for free. Escape the traffic on your drive to work and listen to an audiobook from the library or a streaming site.

Educating Yourself

This can be a time to invest in yourself. Learn new things about the world that you otherwise may not have been able to. There are many online courses that you can immerse yourself in. Some of them even offer college credit, which may be the answer to questions that you didn’t even know you had.

You don’t need to limit yourself, think beyond history and literature. You may be able to turn your new knowledge into extra funds by selling your wares. you may need some money to invest in supplies but start slow. Join a community and gain their knowledge and friendship.

Love food? Become a better cook or learn the science of baking or fermentation. Pick a specialty, baking bread, cooking chilli, or barbeque. Discover the crazy world of yeast, start brewing beer, fermenting wine, or yogurt.

Have you thought about taking up gardening? Pickling and canning your harvest can save you some money or earn you a few if you sell them. Pressed or dried flowers are a beautiful accent to any home. Communing with nature can be therapeutic and restorative.

Buy local plants that support native pollinators and beautiful bees, butterflies, and birds. will visit you.

Get creative with textiles, sew your own clothes or quilts. Maybe knitting or crochet is more your speed. Create thoughtful and unique gifts for friends and family, or donate to a local shelter. Visit a thrift store and use your new skills to update some vintage threads.

Learn New Skills

Learn coding, photography, magic, or restoring furniture. Have a project that needs to be done around the house? Become a DIYer! Record your learning adventures and create a youtube channel.

Learning a Language

Do you have a financial goal to travel? Take up learning the local language to keep you excited about your trip. Find local cultural groups to practice with or consider a language swap with a neighbour. This will benefit you for the rest of your life and is something that you can get deeply involved in.

There is always written material available at your local library and an endless amount available online. There is no need for you to buy expensive software for you to get a second (or third) language under your belt. This is a rewarding hobby that will completely alter where you can go in your life and even get you a raise. Not to mention, it’s impressive and great for meeting new people!

Challenge your Body

Of the cheap hobbies that offer benefits, exercising is the one that could provide many. An active lifestyle can help reduce unnecessary medical expenses. Encourage you to eat cheaper and healthier.

An increase in strength and flexibility can give you the means to perform activities that may have otherwise been unthinkable. Lastly, it’s proven that your body releases endorphins while exercising. Endorphins literally make you happier!

Get Physically Fit

You don’t have to join a team or hit the gym to be active. Running, riding a bike, or going to the public pool and getting some laps in, all offer incredible health benefits. Not to mention they’re dirt cheap to do! Grab a friend and make a day of it. If it’s raining, a day spent at the mall window shopping while you get your steps in.

Team Sports

You don’t have to be great at a sport to join a team. Bowling, fishing, and dancing are great free group activities. There are pick-up games and low-level teams in your area who are always looking for fresh faces. Make friends while learning new skills!

Urban Exploration

Go for a walk. Exploring the hidden areas of your city can be a great way to spend the day with yourself, friends, or your family. It offers a new way for you to look at the world that you live in every day. A great way is to join a Geocaching team.

Think hide and seek meets a global scavenger hunt, explore your world and expand your mind. Explore another town and have a day-cation. Plan your “trip” to coincide with museum-free days. Find a local farmer’s market or craft fair, meet new friends to explore your new cheap hobbies with.

Natural Wonders

Exploring the natural world is another hobby that can fill your days and give you a deeper appreciation for nature. Join a mushroom foraging or bird-watching group. A picnic in the park or a day hiking is a great way to commune with nature.

If your hike is near running water, panning can be rewarding. Depending on where you live you can find precious metals or gems. Extend your stay and spend the night camping. If you live in a concrete jungle consider backyard camping or see if local museums have sleepover events.

Support your Soul

Mind, body, and soul, your entire self needs regular activity. Doing something because it feels good can be better than physical or mental stimulation. Review some fulfilling and cheap hobbies below.

Help Others

Use your skills to help others, volunteer your time at a community outreach center or soup kitchen. Spend time mentoring at-risk youth. You may find respite in religion, go to service or temple. Get involved with programs they support, and help spearhead a charity drive.

If you are an animal person, animal shelters are always looking for help. Basic maintenance of the facilities or fostering animals who are looking for forever homes. Wildlife facilities may be a great place to help if you want to work with more unique animals.

Help Yourself

Cheap hobbies can include taking the time out of your day to meditate or having a DIY spa day to rejuvenate your soul. While you are stretching your budget, take some time to stretch your muscles and practice yoga. If you don’t want to fold yourself into a pretzel, origami is a fun way to focus your energy.

Watching Bob Ross is pure zen, so why not grab a brush or a sketch pad and relax? Yes, paint can be expensive. You can grab some watercolours at the dollar store or embrace your inner Picasso and pick a single colour of acrylic to express yourself.

A sunny yellow can really change a person’s mood when they are stressed about debt. If you need something a little more tactile, try sculpture or pottery, no wheel is needed. Clay is pretty cheap and you can get some frustrations out as you mold it into submission.

Get Going!

Being in debt doesn’t mean you have to sit on your couch watching TV with an antenna to save on cable costs. Even while you’re working through your debt, you need to be active, social, and happy. Finding free activities and cheap hobbies to do by yourself or with those close to you should be a priority for you. Finding budget-friendly activities will keep you excited about saving to pay off your debts.

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