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Questions & AnswersCategory: QuestionsWho is your regulator?
AvatarWayne asked 1 year ago

Who is your regulator?

asked May 28, 2019 by Anonymous

Who is your regulator? Licensed Insolvency Trustee firms are regulated by the federal government and work as officers of the court – who regulates to ensure debtors are protected? 

1 Answers Staff Staff answered 1 year ago

Here are the details you need “Debt relief Canada is designed for those with a large amount of credit card debt and other debts that are not secured by property or other collateral. A debt service provider that is licensed by the government will work with your creditors to get them to come to a settlement agreement that is in your best interest and allows you to reduce a significant portion of your debt load without the harsh effects of bankruptcy on your credit.” You can check out more here.

answered 1 year ago by Staff

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