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AvatarEileen Beck-Graham asked 1 year ago


asked May 17, 2019 by Anonymous

I wish to speak with someone about doing a presentation in jail. We have a lot of men that have debt and have no idea how to deal with it which often leaves them feeling hopeless.
I am a Correctional Officer at SPSC. When I ask what they need to stay out of jail and what programs can/will help them, help getting out of debt was one of the top 3. If they had a company, business card, some kind of information that offered direction it may give them the courage to follow through. If your company is that face they are more likely to reach out to you. Having a connection in the community goes a long way in having them be successful once released.
Looking forward to speaking with someone on how we can make this happen!
Eileen Beck-Graham
Surrey Pretrial Services Centre
[email protected]

1 Answers Staff Staff answered 1 year ago

That is such an interesting idea. Can you contact us through this link. or through live support on our website.

answered 1 year ago by Staff

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