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Questions & AnswersCategory: Questionsi-am-on-a-cpp-disability-income-and-i-co-signed-for-another-person-how-am-i-supposed-to-afford-paying-of-a-40000-debt-it-is-impossible-with-my-income
Marcie Barrow asked 2 weeks ago


asked June 4, 2019 by Anonymous

Hi, I co-signed with a friend for Royal Credit Line and a Visa which they abused.  I made payments for a while but was unable to keep up with my low Disability Income of CPP.  A Collection Agency continues to call me for the money but it is impossible for me to pay that debt off and I need to be able to pay for rent and live but cannot do that if I have to pay that debt.  What should I do?  Can I be cleared of this debt due to my situation and low Disability Income from CPP???
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