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What It Means To Be In Debt

By on March 18, 2013

Every few months there’s a report on the news telling us what the average debt-to-income ratio is in Canada. This number is used, in theory, to tell people just how bad their debt level is and, on a larger scale, to help analysts determine just how precarious our national financial situation is. Calculating Your Debt-To-Income…

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Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

By on February 22, 2013

In our last article, we discussed paying off debt or investing in your RRSP. That really begs the question about debt, and whether all debt is equal or if some debt is ‘good’ while another debt is ‘bad’. Most people tend to see debt in those two categories, but definitions vary and of course, your…

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RRSP Loans – Should You Get One?

By on February 9, 2013

We’re already in February and that means every finance blog in Canada is talking about RRSP season. RRSP’s are a fantastically powerful investment vehicle, which is why banks tell you if you don’t have the money to contribute, it makes sense to take out an RRSP loan. The pitch is pretty simple: You’ll get a…

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Earning Money As A Teenager

By on January 30, 2013

Most of us grew up with almost nothing in the way of education about money. We modelled our parents and eventually either continued to copy their behaviour or ended up doing the exact opposite. If you have teens, you have the perfect opportunity to teach them not just valuable financial skills, but also valuable life…

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What To Do With A Financial Windfall

By on January 22, 2013

Most of us aren’t so lucky that money frequently falls out of the sky. When it does, whether in the form of an annual bonus, income tax refund, insurance settlement, income from the sale of something, or as an inheritance, deciding what to do with it can be a bit overwhelming. What Are You Doing…

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Slash Your Bills And Save Money

By on January 18, 2013

Cutting spending is one of the first steps to taking control of your finances and getting out of debt. But there are always bills that seem necessary and we don’t really think about reducing them. Today we’re going to talk about the 3 R’s for how to negotiate discounts on your bills. Remember that every…

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You Don’t Deserve Anything

By on January 7, 2013

See if the following sounds at all familiar to you: “Hmm, I can’t really afford this car/vacation/TV/whatever else, but I’ve been working really hard lately and haven’t done anything for myself – I DESERVE this” If you’re like most people, you’ve had lapses in judgment like this where you justified a purchase you couldn’t afford…

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Cut Back On Coffee Or Make More Money?

By on January 5, 2013

The most common debt-reduction strategies always seem to focus on cutting back. Made popular by David Bach with his “Latte Factor”, the idea is that by eliminating these tiny transactions you make every day you’ll end up saving a ton of money that you could be putting towards debt or investing. The True Price Of…

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Celebrate Your 2012 Wins And Prepare For Greater Success In 2013

By on December 26, 2012

New Year’s resolutions always sound like a good idea.  We like making them because it’s such a specific and distinct point.  The idea of a NEW year gives us an excuse to break from the past and, in some ways, start with a blank slate on a given area of our lives. They rarely work,…

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How To Deal With Financial Infidelity

By on December 21, 2012

In our series “Couples and Money” we’ve discussed money fights, setting goals, spenders vs. savers, and how to deal with one spouse not changing. But what happens when both spouses are presumably agreed on a strategy, but one keeps going off-script and behaving badly? Every relationship has rules. Whether these are socially imposed rules like…

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