Summer’s Coming – Five Ways To Save While Still Enjoying the Sunshine

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Being on a tight budget doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy yourself and do fun things this summer. In fact, being on a budget can be an advantage! You’ll discover fun ways to pass the time that you might not have considered before, and you’ll be able to save money at the same time. Below are five tips for saving money this summer that will also allow you to enjoy those sunny days.

Plan Day Trips Or Weekend Trips

It’s easy to be jealous of your friend who’s off to Italy for a few months this summer or to be envious of your sister who’s backpacking through Southeast Asia. However, just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you have to stay at home! You can plan day trips or even weekend trips; you’ll see new areas you might never have explored before. Go hiking with friends, spend a day at the beach, or drive to your closest lake. Going somewhere for a day can feel like you’re escaping home, with the bonus that it doesn’t cost that much to do.

If you want to save even more, plan to go with a bigger group of friends. This way, you’ll be able to split the price of accommodation between more people.

Turn Off Your Air-Conditioner

You can save money by turning off the air-conditioner, even if your home gets hot in the summer. Having a fan in your bedroom (or sleeping with your window open) will keep you cool and will help keep your bank account full. Also, with the air-conditioning on full blast, it’s easy to stay indoors; without this you’re more inclined to get outside and enjoy the great weather!

Grow Your Own Food and Prepare Your Own Drinks

It’s easy to spend more during the summer, especially on food and drinks. During this time of year, more people want to socialize on a bar’s patio or go out for dinner after work. However, you can save huge amounts by growing your own food and preparing your own drinks. Consider planting your own vegetables and herbs; lots of vegetables can grow in containers, so this is an option even if you don’t have a huge garden. Also, preparing your own iced tea, lemonade or iced coffee is way more affordable than going to Starbucks each day.

Don’t Drive As Much

When the weather’s nice, why stay in your stuffy car? Save on gas and parking, and ride your bike around the city instead. Not only will you save money, you’ll find an easy way to get in your daily exercise too.

How You Do Laundry Can Also Save You Money

Running the dryer can really add to your power bill. During the summer, you don’t even need to run your dryer. Hang your clothes and let the summer sun and warm breeze dry your clothes. You’ll be surprised how much this can save you.

Being on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the summer. In fact, there are lots of fun things to do while on a budget, and during the summer when the weather is nice, it’s easy to find additional ways to save money.


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