Make More Money #2 – Have a Second Job You Can Be Proud Of

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Make More Money #2

In the first Make More Money post we talked about how to get started in freelancing. If you read through that and decided that freelancing isn’t for you, don’t worry. A second job might be the perfect solution. In our second Make More Money article, you’ll learn how to make the most of a second job and use it to boost your career and your finances.

Don’t All Second Jobs Suck?

When most people think of a second job they think about delivering pizzas or working retail. These jobs are easy to get, and if you’re in a bad financial situation a quick job is better than no job, but not every second job has to be terrible.

Your goal for a second job should be two-fold:

  • Make more money (obviously)
  • Build your skills and your network

What Sort Of Second Job Should I Look For?

Think back to every job you started and there was probably around a six-month period where you learned a ton of new things. Maybe it was skills, product knowledge, pieces of software, or different management styles, but you learned very quickly.

Your goal for a second job should be to ramp up in the same way, but focused on skills, industry knowledge, or networks you want to build.

Building Your Skill-Set With Your Second Job

Every new job gives you the opportunity to branch out and increase your skills. Here are a couple examples.


Most people hate sales and the idea of sales. Even if sales isn’t a career move you want to make, there’s no denying that being in a sales position teaches you a variety of skills, namely:

  • Better communication
  • Confidence
  • Having a ‘business’ mind-set
  • How to manage being in complete control of your income
  • How to analyze your performance and improve on it
  • Negotiation

Think about your current job. Would learning the above skills help your current situation? Of course they would.


By customer service we don’t mean ‘Toothbrushes are in aisle 7’, but any job where you are working with customers to identify problems and find solutions will teach you valuable and transferable skills, such as:

  • Better analytical skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Negotiation (both with the customer and with your company)
  • Taking responsibility as the face of your company

The lesson is: don’t just look at the job title or description. Think about what the most successful people in that position do and decide if having those skills would help you.

Focus On Specific Skills

Our above examples focused on general skills and experiences that would help you at your current job. But what if your long-term plan is to start your own company? In that case, you might want to get a second job in the industry you want to move in to.


If your dream is to own a restaurant, you definitely want to learn on someone else’s dime. Starting even as part of the wait-staff and moving up to a manager will teach you many of the ins-and-outs and challenges that restaurant owners face.

Whatever your goal, getting an entry-level part-time job and working your way up will prepare you for when you take the leap yourself. Always be thinking about where you want to be and what you need to get there.

Building Your Network

Another way to think about a part-time job is in network building. Maybe it’s not a specific skill or bit of industry knowledge you want. Maybe it’s exposure to the right people.

For example, working at a golf or country club you will be close to many successful people. By delivering the best service and showing an interest in what they do, you might be surprised at the opportunities that present themselves.

Look Again

A second job might be the terrible low-paying job most of us assume it will be. If you just need money at any cost, there’s no shame in going this route. But if you have the chance to be a bit picky, you can use this working opportunity to accelerate your career. Whether it’s learning new skills to apply to your current job, learning about an industry you want to move into, or meeting the people who can help get you where you’re going, opportunities are out there.

Start thinking creatively, and go get them.



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