Four Cool Budgeting Apps That Will Help You Control Spending

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These days, an iPhone can be more than just a fun toy – it can be a smart investment as well. With the proliferation of personal finance apps, an iPhone can act as a great tool for budgeting and controlling personal spending. Here are four top budgeting apps that will help you get the most out of your iPhone investment.

Track Your Budget by Category for Free with Mint

Thanks in part to the fact that it’s offered for free, Mint has become one of the most popular budgeting choices for iPhone users. But don’t be deceived by the lack of a price tag on this app; Mint has a lot to offer in the way of expense tracking and spending solutions. Through an easy-to-use visual display, Mint will show you how much you are earning and how much you are spending by keeping track of transactions from your credit cards and bank accounts. This app will also let you create your own budget, and then tell you how much you have left in each category and alert you when go over your limit.

Get Desktop Compatibility With Jumsoft Money

This app is somewhat unique in the fact that it also comes with a desktop program that can be used in conjunction with the iPhone app. For people who prefer the interface of a laptop or desktop computer to the comparatively small screen of a smartphone, this can be a great way to keep track of your budget both at home and on the go. Another special feature of Jumsoft Money is that it offers a recurring expenditure tool, which allows it to track payments that you make regularly every month so you don’t have to enter the same payments over and over again. This app also offers graphs and breakdowns of multiple types of budgets, can handle multiple currencies, and is available for only $2.

Get Increased Security Measures With MoneyBook

MoneyBook is a good app for people who are looking for more security and protection in a budgeting app. While its interface doesn’t offer the same types of visual features like graphs and charts that some of the other budgeting apps do, this app boasts a different set of features that help you keep your budget private and secure. Their cloud backup means that even if you lose or damage your phone, you will still have access to your full budget. They also offer password protection so you can prevent others from seeing certain more sensitive parts of your budget. This app is available for a price of $2.99.

Get Even More Budget Control With iReconcile

This is probably the most advanced of all the iPhone budgeting apps, and also costs only $2.99. iReconcile gives users even more control over budgets by allowing them to create yearly, monthly, or even daily budgets. Another advanced feature is the rollover function, which allows users to transfer unused funds from the previous month’s budget onto the next month’s budget. This app also includes online backup and sync features, which means that on top of the increased control that this app offers, you will also have the benefit of added security.

Even if you ended up spending more than you wanted to on your iPhone in the first place, apps like the ones mentioned above could actually help you save more money in the long run than what you initially spent. And with all of these apps priced at less than $3 (and one even offered for free), it’s not hard to download one right now and start saving.


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